True Supply

How God can supply all our needs is oftentimes very perplexing to the thought that is beginning to rise above matter and is trying to grasp the fundamental truth of being. The general experience is that the unceasing unfoldment of Truth brings, with each successive ray of light, the increasing conviction that all things real are spiritual. However intense our former education along the opposite line,—that being is material,—many a time in the regeneration of thought we will stop and ask, "How can God, who is Spirit, meet our present needs, which seem to be material?" To grasp this truth sometimes presents a great problem to the student of Christian Science and is often a stumblingblock, until understood. When taking up the study of this Science, one of the first lessons we are taught is to trust God and to "have no other trusts" (Miscellany, p. 171). Another progressive step is to learn that God is Spirit, and that man is spiritual, not animated matter, as so many of us had been taught to believe.

When this thought is first presented, it is generally accepted joyfully by those who are receptive to it, oftentimes without question as to its logic or nature, or their power to demonstrate it. If doubt be entertained, however, we may find error questioning this truth, somewhat along this line: Of course, it is very reasonable and easy to understand how God can take care of man who is spiritual; but, until we arrive at that plane of demonstrable understanding, how will He be able to supply our needs? The sense of lack of supply is not necessarily limited to finance, for every problem can be traced to some phase of this belief. It may present itself as a lack of intelligence, a lack of health, or a lack of the right idea needed to readjust our business. There is always a correct solution for every problem. Sometimes it appears as we expected; but, oftentimes, in some unexpected or unthought-of way will the right supply be manifested.

The Golden Rule
March 25, 1922

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