What Do We Need?

"Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need," is a statement Mrs. Eddy makes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 494); and it strongly appeals to new students of Christian Science. It is a statement based on absolute Truth, and is demonstrable and applicable to every human problem that may present itself. It is a direct answer to the universal heart-hunger; and its appeal is irresistible.

Divine Love does meet every need! When the student conscientiously, understandingly, applies his knowledge of divine law, his needs are met. However hopeless the situation, however wide may seem the gap between the need and the supply, the lack, the difficulty, the blank space, so to speak, exists only in mortal belief. Man's supply is present. Divine Love is constantly supplying all righteous needs. But the suggestions of so-called mortal mind are ofttimes so subtle, so confusing, that the student is led by devious routes of thought into believing, for a time at least, that he is in dire need of certain long cherished, much desired material objects. The argument of the serpent is that such desires are perfectly justifiable, and these objects quite necessary for one's well-being. Under this mesmerism, the student may be led to apply his newly derived, meager knowledge of the letter of Truth, as taught in Christian Science, to the "demonstrating" of the conditions and things desired. Then, more than likely, the manifestation of supply asked for does not follow; and the student finds himself wondering if Science has failed him. Or, he may find himself in possession of the things sought, and shortly afterwards become harassed with a burden of debt and other serious consequences, which cause misery and trouble, until at last divine Science in its true sense is applied; then, healing follows.

November 1, 1922

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