An erroneous concept of Christian Science is shown in...

Helena Independent

An erroneous concept of Christian Science is shown in the statement, which appeared in a sermon in a recent issue of your paper, that the human mind (so called) is a factor in Christian Science healing. Christian Science is dependent not at all upon any supposed "power of mind [human mind] over the body." It depends entirely upon God, and holds with Paul that "the carnal mind is enmity against God." Christian Science insists that it is in this carnal mind—this enemy of God—that sickness seems to assert its only claim to power, and that it is the cause, not the cure, of disease. Instead of its cures being based on the unreality of disease, they are dependent solely upon God's omnipotence. Since all that He made is good, Christian Scientists cannot accept that He made sickness. Since God did not make disease, the logical sequence is its unreality. Thus, Christian Science cures are based upon God as the only cause, not upon the negative resulting from that fact,—namely, that sickness is unreal; and since Christian Science healing is done through the application of God's laws, it is spiritual.

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