An All-inclusive Religion

Christian Science is an all-inclusive and practical religion. It makes plain that however much pride, intolerance, or difference of opinion would claim to hinder God's child by postponing progress, yet all of error must give way to the government of the Father-Mother God, who lovingly enfolds all. We learn that it is the degree of consecration of our thoughts and deeds to the almighty law of God, good, that determines the length of our mortal-day struggle with the false beliefs of evil. It is the absolutely pure and spiritual thoughts and acts of all consecrated workers, whatever their seeming earthly opinions may be, that speed us on to the eternal day of Spirit, God.

Many years ago, in the early days of the writer's investigation of Christian Science, she would often find herself wondering which of the different and contradictory verdicts of several doctors about her physical condition was correct. As her understanding of Christian Science grew, she learned more of the truth that makes free. As she understood that the perfect view, which the perfect God must necessarily have, was the true state of her being, her healing became more rapidly manifest. This experience has helped many times in bringing her into a tranquil realization that the truth about any situation or condition is the view which is held in divine Mind, God.

Necessity of Wisdom
November 1, 1922

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