Realization and Demonstration

One does not practice Christian Science long until he is firmly convinced that a realization of the truth of being invariably demonstrates that truth. Evil may be urging its false claims upon him along many directions; but the moment he realizes the allness of God, good, and in consequence the fact that evil is unreal, he is bound to make the demonstration of good over the belief of evil. If the evil be called sickness, the sick belief will vanish on the realization of the allness and omnipresence of harmonious Being. Mrs. Eddy expresses herself forcibly on this very point, on page 7 of"Unity of Good," when she says, "An incontestable point in divine Science is, that because God is All, a realization of this fact dispels even the sense or consciousness of sin, and brings us nearer to God, bringing out the highest phenomena of the All-Mind."

The great endeavor, then, of the student of Christian Science in his handling of the false beliefs of mortal mind is to get clear realizations of Truth. That, indeed, is what he is bent on attaining. Whether the mental argument he employs to clear his thought be prolonged or momentary, his aim is to realize the truth so clearly that he shall demonstrate that truth in the destruction of whatever false beliefs of evil may seemingly be presenting themselves to him, whether in the guise of his own or another's thoughts. And nothing can possibly equal the joy that is felt when one, realizing the allness of God and the wondrous reality of perfect being, beholds the nightmare of sickness dissolving away from some sufferer, like mist disappearing before the warm rays of the rising sun, leaving him "in his right mind,"—that is, in possession to some extent of the Mind of Christ; for to that Mind all error is unreal, and, consequently, unknown.

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November 1, 1922

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