In 1916 I had a very serious illness

In 1916 I had a very serious illness. The doctor said I had an enlarged heart, with leaky valves, and acute myocarditis. My trouble was complicated by a post-operative hernia. They said it was out of the question for me to think of ever being able to travel again. In 1917, after being incapacitated for a year, with the aid of a specialist I managed to get to work once more, although I was in a very weak, nervous condition. My doctor kept me on a strict diet. My instructions were not to get tired carry any weight, or do anything else which my business as a traveling salesman necessitated. I struggled along in this condition for ten months. I was continually buying new trusses, because unless adjustment was absolutely right my heart seemed to race.

I had always been bitterly opposed to what I thought Christian Science to be; and when, in January, 1918, I met a friend in Chicago who had become interested in Christian Science, I upbraided him, and said I was disappointed that so nice a man as he should do such a thing. The conversation which ensued, however, resulted in my going to a practitioner; and after one treatment he announced that I was healed, and that it would be unnecessary for me to wear a truss any longer. I took it off that night, and have never had it on since. In the last four years I have been traveling at the rate of twenty-five thousand miles a year; have not taken a particle of medicine; have paid no attention to diet or to so-called health laws, and have not lost a day on account of sickness.

Testimony of Healing
When I came to Christian Science, about six years ago,...
November 1, 1922

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