Necessity of Wisdom

Jesus, on several occasions, refused to enter into detailed explanations of his statements, knowing it to be unwise to provoke argument with those who, having little or no knowledge of his teaching, were eager to distort and misrepresent his meaning. No doubt, he considered it wiser to correct or destroy an inharmonious condition by an application of the truth, trusting it to find lodgment in some human consciousness, with the consequent progress and unfoldment of the divine idea; for he knew the truth could never be lost, or diverted from its mission. All Christian Scientists should carefully profit by the wisdom of Jesus.

Overzealousness and human emotions, sometimes mistaken for spiritual understanding or revelation, together with that which may be classified as sensitive imagination, often lead to conclusions or estimates which will not stand the test of true spiritual understanding. Such a state of thought is a form of animal magnetism, since it leads away from Christian scientific apprehension, and ranges far into the midst of theory and speculation. If persisted in, this mental condition may result in narrowness of vision and distorted thought, into which intolerance may creep, accompanied by an unwarranted assumption of superior spiritual attainment, which usually incites a strong tendency to belittle the progress or works of others.

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