If the lecture of the speaker in question had been as it...

Taunton Daily Gazette

If the lecture of the speaker in question had been as it was reported to be, a summary of the doctrines of his church, I would make no comment. In this country every one is or should be at liberty to elucidate his own faith. On the other hand, religious freedom does or should forbid unjust attacks on other people's religions. Therefore, I protest against what this speaker has been reported as saying about Christian Scientists and Christian Science. According to the report, probably furnished by himself, the speaker classified Christian Scientists with "unbelievers, doubting, skeptical, and indifferent." He also described Christian Science as "merely a system of bodily healing." Fortunately, most readers of the Gazette must be well enough informed about Christian Scientists and Christian Science to know that both of these assertions are rankly unjust. Healing the sick enters into the practice of Christian Science only as it was and is part of original Christianity. Christian salvation was and is applicable to every form of evil. As for Christian Scientists, the fact that we are not what the speaker in question has said can be proved by any candid and intelligent observer.

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