Mrs. Eddy has stated that "in Science, divine Love alone...

Sydney Evening News

Mrs. Eddy has stated that "in Science, divine Love alone governs man" (Church Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 1). The person in question would appear, by a process of mental manipulation or hypnotism, to bring about certain desired material results. The true Christian Scientist does not work to bring about any specified material result, but endeavors in his own consciousness to realize that, there being one Principle, one God, one Mind, one intelligence governing the universe, only the good exists and can be real. The effect of such right thinking, according to the measure of understanding of the practitioner and the receptivity of the thought of the patient, results in the destruction of the discordant material condition. There is no spiritual discord.

True it is that Christian Scientists have prospered in their businesses and overcome many difficulties; but this is because they are endeavoring, in their dealings with their fellow-men, to practice the Golden Rule, and have in some measure realized that the only source of true prosperity is the acknowledgment of one God and obedience to His law.

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