In grateful recognition of countless blessings I offer this...

In grateful recognition of countless blessings I offer this acknowledgment of my debt to Christian Science. In my experience the knowledge of man's indestructible relationship to good has vanquished hereditary fears, purified my desires, increased my patience, and enlarged my outlook and activity generally. This mental correction has borne fruit in greatly improved physical conditions. In our immediate household, Christian Science has healed influenza, sprains, scarlet fever, and pneumonia, besides numerous other ills.

Recently, we were given indisputable proof of the power of divine Mind to overrule the boasted claims of matter. Our nephew, fourteen years old, who makes his home with us, caught his fingers in a printing press, mangling two of them badly, tearing the nail and end off one finger. Through the application, by a local practitioner, of Christian Science, and our endeavor to be faithful to Truth's requirements, the so-called blood-poisoning was conquered, threatened amputation averted, and the fingers soon took on a natural appearance. Within about a month an entire new finger end and a new nail had grown on.

November 1, 1922

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