I am so glad we have been given these legitimate outlets...

I am so glad we have been given these legitimate outlets for our songs of gratitude—the Wednesday evening meetings and the periodicals. After my first healing and glimpse into the truth, my enthusiams and joy led me to want to tell of my healing and to recommend, almost to insist, that people try Christian Science in solving their problems, whatever they were. This zeal met with indifference, rebuke, or but slight interest so many times that wisdom finally taught me that only those with willing ears can hear or understand. I found it was error which kept me silent at Wednesday evening meetings, where each person's very presence indicated his willingness and desire to hear of Christian Science, and caused me to pester those whose thought was unprepared. I found that the wide channels provided by Mrs. Eddy, if used, would give me sufficient occupation and expression for all my unfolding thoughts.

My first healing was of typhoid fever, after pneumonia had developed. The faithful physician in attendance said there was no hope of saving my life. I had been unconscious for weeks before this crisis was reached, and was too weak to take food even through a tube. All hope in materia medica being gone, a Christian Science practitioner was informed that night of my condition and treatment was begun. A quick change for the better took place, and by morning all trace of pneumonia was gone. Each succeeding day brought added strength. Being satisfied that the danger was over, the services of the practitioner were discontinued, but a sudden relapse into high fever awakened us to the need of further treatment. I knew nothing of the teachings of Christian Science at this time, and never saw the practitioner until many months after my healing. My convalescence was very short. No careful attention was given to diet, and no medicine was taken. In fact, I have never taken pills, drugs, or medicines of any kind since my healing, which was about eight years ago. God has been my only Physician, right thoughts my only medicine, and I have never enjoyed better health.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my gratitude for the many benefits...
March 27, 1920

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