Simple Living

Christian Science is simple. Any one who turns to it for healing must start with the simple fact that God governs man. Just to know this is good in itself. God is the divine Mind which is the cause for all true living. Without this divine Mind, there could be nothing. So when one is simply glad to be alive, no matter what may have seemed to be, he is at the starting point in his knowing and proving that the divine Mind alone must govern his whole true doing. Certainly this basis of Christian Science is so simple that any one who has never thought about it in the least can readily understand it. And the very reasoning that the divine Mind and what it knows is all there is to Life expressed is truly good experience in the present.

Through the war the soldiers had to get down to one kind of simple living. Many of the things that they, going into the army, had thought they needed for happiness had suddenly or soon to be replaced by different ways of doing. Yet, one and all, they found that it was the doing that counted, and not any human sense of things. Others who have set out to reach the North Pole or to fly across the Atlantic have had to prove the same truth, that alert doing is enough in all circumstances. Really, then, much as any one may look backward or forward to what are thought of as comforts, one always has to find present comfort in being glad for Life itself.

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March 27, 1920

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