I would like to return thanks to God for what Christian Science...

I would like to return thanks to God for what Christian Science means to me and has done for me. I did not take it up for the healing, but with an intense longing for a closer walk with God, divine Love, and a deeper understanding of His Christ. I had been a student of the Bible practically all of my life, studying under some of the best teachers, and for ten years did missionary work; but there was still an unsatisfied longing. I did believe God had all power and was good, but to see the sick and dying on all sides and to be able to give them only temporary help and to tell them it was God's will, was sorry comfort. When with the blessed light of Christian Science came the realization that God does not send sickness, sin, and trouble, but is ever present to heal and redeem from all error, what glory shone around me! I saw so clearly and plainly the mission and purpose of Christ Jesus' life.

We have had innumerable blessings from the spiritual understanding of God as Principle. My little girl, nine years old, is able to help herself in many ways, through her understanding of Truth, and was beautifully healed of pneumonia with the aid of a practitioner. I have been healed of bowel disorder of several years' standing, and of supposedly inherited heart trouble. I called for help for this latter condition one night when it seemed to be gaining power and in one hour was relieved. In the morning I was so well and happy that I attended church in a pouring rain. My little ones have been healed of measles, pneumonia, cuts, and burns. My older boy once fell, cutting a deep gash in the kneecap. He said, "Mamma, pray for me quick." I did pray as we are taught to do in Christian Science, and in a few moments he was playing. That night, while I was away he tore the knee open again, but would not allow anything to be put on it, and tried to know the truth for himself until I came. When I arrived, it was swollen and looked very bad. I put him to bed and told him that God, divine Love, was caring for him. As I was realizing that there are no accidents in Mind, such a calm, restful feeling came over me that I knew the healing was done. In the morning the swelling and pain had gone, and the cut healed without leaving a scar. My younger boy, five years old, was struck in the eye with a stone. I realized the truth in Christian Science and he fell asleep. When he woke up his eye still seemed bruised, but the pain was gone, and he could see perfectly. By morning all evidence of the injury had gone. I cannot enumerate the countless blessings that have come to us. A lifetime of gratitude and devotion can never pay the debt to our dear Leader. I am so grateful for membership in The Mother Church.

Testimony of Healing
Eight years ago Christian Science found me a constant...
March 27, 1920

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