It would be impossible to enumerate all the blessings that...

It would be impossible to enumerate all the blessings that have come into my experience through the knowledge of God, as gained through the study and application of Christian Science. I have been reared in this religion and know it to be a practical one, solving all our human problems when rightly applied; that is, when human planning and self-will are put aside and God's law of love is allowed to operate. Some months ago I seemed to have come to a standstill in a financial way. I talked to a practitioner who gave me many helpful thoughts and I set about finding the limiting belief in my own consciousness. It came very clearly that I was outlining the work that I was willing to do instead of always being about my Father's business. When this error was discovered and destroyed I took a position, and in two weeks' time a government one at quite an increase of salary was accepted, and in a few months I was transferred to another division at an increased remuneration.

Recently when alighting from a street car the heel of my shoe caught in the hem of my skirt, throwing me to the pavement and wrenching my ankle severely. I was assisted to the curb by my sister, and we stood a few moments declaring the perfection of God's creation and that there were no accidents in the universe of Love. I then went about my daily duties, endeavoring to know the fact that man is spiritual and perfect. By night the ankle was greatly swollen and there was some pain when standing, but I still affirmed the truth of being, and upon waking the following morning could use the foot with perfect ease, and in several days the swelling had disappeared.

Testimony of Healing
I am so glad we have been given these legitimate outlets...
March 27, 1920

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