I have been so blessed by the study of Christian Science...

I have been so blessed by the study of Christian Science that I feel I should not withhold my testimony longer. When it was first presented to me I realized it was the truth, but was not interested in spiritual matters then, and it was not until years later that I really accepted it. I read Christian Science literature off and on for about four years before I received any physical benefits. I enjoyed the literature because it kept me optimistic, but I know now I did not get the spirit, else the healings would have come.

During the past three years I have reaped many rewards for my faithful study. Before taking up Christian Science, I took medicine almost every day for some ailment or other. Now I know that God is the only Physician, and that his medicine is Truth. I have been healed of rheumatism, headaches, and weakness. Sarcasm, criticism, malice, and melancholia have also been overcome. I am especially grateful for the understanding of the Bible which I have gained through Christian Science. Formerly when I read it I became so confused by the seeming contradictions that I put it away feeling more discouraged than when I turned to it. There seemed to be so many threats and unreasonable admonitions that I knew not which way to turn. Now the seeming mysteries have been explained, and instead of feeling discouraged from reading it, I feel that I have new life.

Testimony of Healing
I, too, wish to give a testimony of the many blessings...
March 27, 1920

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