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Christian Science and Christian Scientists, especially Mrs. Eddy, have been misrepresented to the public more than any other teaching or people. Therefore Christian Scientists, in defending themselves against unjust attacks and correcting improper views expressed regarding their religion, are not unmindful and unappreciative of courtesies extended to them. But courtesies by no means justify misrepresentations, and misrepresentations are bound to follow the presentation of this important subject by one who does not understand it, especially when accompanied by such unmistakable prejudice as the recent critic exhibited. He does not seem to be aware of the fact that his reiterated assertions that Christian Science is pantheistic, disclose at once his total lack of understanding of the subject.

Now it avails the critic nothing whatever to guarantee quotations taken from a work on Christian Science to be correct; for he takes sentences from their context, and does not explain their true meaning and their true relation to the Scriptures. By the critic's method the writer would undertake to prove that every religion ever heard of is contrary to the Scriptures. It can be shown, however, that every statement of doctrine contained in the works of Mrs. Eddy is in accord with a spiritual and logical interpretation of the Bible; for Christian Science is a discovery, made by Mrs. Eddy in her study of the Bible, of the fundamental spiritual law on which all Scriptural truth is based. In following this law of interpretation, barren theological dogmas and biased human opinions are valueless.

Alone with God
March 27, 1920

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