It is with loving gratitude for the many blessings God has...

It is with loving gratitude for the many blessings God has poured upon me since my knowledge of Him, gained through Christian Science, that I wish to offer my testimony, hoping it will help some other seeker after the truth. For many years I suffered from catarrh of the stomach, organic heart trouble, and sleeplessness, culminating in a nervous breakdown. For two years I depended on physicians and drugs for relief, which failed me. At last my life had become a hopeless misery, and I wrote to a dear relative, a Christian Scientist, and asked him if he thought Science could help me. Before he could reply to my letter, I was relieved; proving indeed God's promise given in Isaiah 65:24. That night I discarded my medicine, and fell asleep, sleeping the long night through,—a happiness seldom experienced since I was a child. The next day I received a reply from my relative, also the Christian Science textbook. He told me that all would be well with me, and in my heart I knew that indeed it was well with me, and that I was free. That day I dismissed my medical attendant, destroyed all my medicine, left off wearing my glasses, which I had worn for a few years, and since that day I have not had occasion to use them either day or night. I have been strong and cheerful and free from all bodily pain. Each day proves to me the wonderful goodness of our heavenly Father. I have been privileged to make many demonstrations, and have received untold help from the Christian Science literature. I sincerely hope to show in my life's work that I am trying to be a true follower of our Master, and to bear witness to the truth, made so beautifully clear to us by our faithful Leader, Mrs. Eddy.—(Mrs.) Eva Wallis, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Testimony of Healing
It would be impossible to enumerate all the blessings that...
March 27, 1920

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