With a glad heart I write this testimony in gratitude for...

With a glad heart I write this testimony in gratitude for a recent almost instantaneous healing in Christian Science. There being a case of influenza in the house where we were staying and the servant being away, my father and I had duties in the sick room. From the beginning he had not a fear. As for me, the only debate I had with myself was whether or not I should wear a mask. I finally laughed it off, however, and told myself it would be more fashionable to wear one as every one else seemed to be doing, so on went the mask; and now I see that with it there was a little fear.

That night after retiring I found myself to mortal sense suffering from influenza. I did not call anyone, for I realized that God was an ever present help. I declared the truth every minute of the long night, but at times it was rather flightily declared; and althought the suffering did not cease, I was grateful then, and am now, that I knew the truth to declare. When morning came I was unabel to arise, so my father called a Christian Science practitioner, who came lovingly to me. On entering the room she said, "We will just get rid of this belief right now." I replied, "We just certainly will," and we did; for after sleeping a few hours I got up and have been well ever since. Next day I prepared meals for three people and went back to the sick room to do all I could, and this time my one protection was knowledge of the ever presence and protecting power of divine Love, and of the falsity and nothingness of error.

Some time before this I found I could not sing our hymns on account of scarcity of breath and weak voice, so I told a practitioner of this trouble. She said I must not let error tell me I could not sing, but to go ahead and sing the hymn on page 225 of our Hymnal, beginning, "In Thee, O Spirit, true and tender." Next thing I realized I was going about singing all right, and ever since I have been able to sing anything I care to.

Testimony of Healing
I am very thankful for the spiritual understanding which...
April 26, 1919

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