When I turned to Christian Science for help six years...

When I turned to Christian Science for help six years ago, I was a physical and almost a mental wreck. Facing an operation from which I could not hope to recover my health, and utterly crushed under a sense of sorrow, life seemed indeed dark and hopeless to me. After the first Christian Science treatment so much of fear and worry seemed simply to fade from my mind that hope was aroused and a desire to understand this glorious truth sprang up within me. I began to study the literature earnestly, and with the constant help of a loving practitioner I was completely healed in three weeks. Since then divine Love has indeed supplied all our needs. Wonderful healings and better conditions financially have proved to us God's omnipotence and loving care. I am stronger than I ever dreamed it possible to be. During the past two years, besides doing my housework, I have worked in the field doing what has been generally called a man's work, with absolutely no ill effects. To material sense we have passed through a very severe testing time, but God's presence has been with us all the way, and strength and courage have been supplied constantly through the realization of the allness of infinite Mind. I am indeed thankful to God for Christian Science.

(Mrs.) Lulu W. Cross, Raisin, Cal.

It gives me pleasure to state that Mrs. Cross's healing has been permanent; that there has been no recurrence of the original trouble. From time to time various manifestations of error have been overcome in our family, always permanently. It is certainly comforting to know that whatever the form error's presentation may take there is nothing to be feared from it, for the one remedy is applicable to all; namely, the knowledge made available to the present age by our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, of the ever existent truth that all that is real is of God, and must therefore be perfect and harmonious.—R. M. Cross.

Testimony of Healing
In February, 1912, I came to Christian Science
April 26, 1919

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