Fear of sickness hung as a cloud over my life from childhood,...

Fear of sickness hung as a cloud over my life from childhood, but at the same time my thought sought for help. It seemed to me that if one were a true Christian, life ought to be a joy, and would be were it not that sickness suddenly could make one a wretched, miserable creature, and that it was sent from God, according to the orthodox creed. I looked for deliverance in many directions, also searched the Bible and specially pondered the promises to the children of Israel, which said that if they would keep God's commandments they would be delivered from sickness.

While I was quite young my uncle from London visited my home and told about the wonderful works wrought by Christian Science. I never forgot this, and thought that if I should be sick and in need of help I knew where to find it. Later I went to Sweden, and there for the first time met one who made me acquainted with the teachings of Christian Science. My hungering soul grasped the word of Life eagerly. Here was what I had sought all my life—deliverance from sickness as well as from sin. This Scientist lent me the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and other authorized literature, which I almost devoured. I soon felt that I could never do without this literature which so illumined the Bible. Shortly afterwards, when back in Denmark, illness and weakness manifested itself, with much fear, but with this dear friend's assistance I immediately became better. The complete healing was slow, and there was much struggle against fear and error, but I held to the promises of God, and with the great burden removed—that is, the thought that sickness and all discords are of God—I found health, freedom, and joy. Several minor ailments have been overcome through the power of Truth. Headaches which troubled me from childhood have disappeared. They who knew me before remark about my healthy appearance and say that I look even younger now.

My wish is to learn more of this truth, so as to be able to help others as I myself have been helped in many experiences which would have darkened my life if I had not through Christian Science learned to think quite differently from before, and to know that Love, God, governs all.

Testimony of Healing
In Psalms we read, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,...
April 26, 1919

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