With a heart filled with love and gratitude, I send this...

With a heart filled with love and gratitude, I send this testimony of the many blessings that have come to me and mine since I began the study of Christian Science. I had never been strong, and was told that I was anæmic. There were also other ailments which kept me under a doctor's care most of the time for many years. I finally heard of what Christian Science had done for a cousin who had been a great sufferer, and of other healings; but I never had any desire to investigate it for myself.

In February, 1916, I was taken with a severe cold, which after two weeks developed into acute lung trouble. I gradually grew worse, my lungs and heart being badly affected. After three weeks the doctor said he had done all in his power for me and there was nothing more to be done, so I dismissed him. At this point man's extremity proved to be God's opportunity, for the thought came to try Christian Science. As if God-sent, my cousin called on me that afternoon. I asked for help, which she lovingly assured me would be given. I was healed of this illness in three days, and the next Wednesday attended my first Christian Science service. About three weeks after this healing took place, I was able by reading and study to make my first demonstration over an ailment which had been troubling me for years. In the following November I had a cold again; I tried to help myself, but after two weeks found I was getting worse instead of better. A practitioner was asked to treat me, and I could see an improvement; but a trial was at hand, for one symptom after another manifested itself. I seemed to be injured internally from coughing so hard, and after a while an abscess formed on the right lung; also there was great pain in the head and shoulders. To mortal sense this abscess would have been a dangerous thing on account of the discharge, but no bad effects were experienced, and with the loving help and patience of the practitioner, I was again made whole.

Testimony of Healing
I am thankful for Christian Science
August 10, 1918

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