One of the many things for which every Christian Scientist...

One of the many things for which every Christian Scientist is grateful, is the help which Christian Science is in overcoming fears and doubts of daily experience. Before I became interested in this teaching, the winter was frequently for me a season of coughs, colds, and throat troubles, sometimes of a seemingly severe nature. I feared these conditions, yet expected them; and they were often in evidence.

Five years ago, when I was almost a physical and mental wreck, a friend who had himself been healed of sunstroke through the power of Truth, induced me to look into Christian Science. Without any faith in it, and knowing nothing as to what it taught, yet willing to test anything that promised relief from the fear and torment with which I was afflicted, a practitioner was called and treatment requested. My healing was slow and at times I became discouraged; but with the help of advanced students and the earnest study of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and other writings by our Leader, together with a sincere desire to know and understand the truth, I have been gradually led out of the wilderness of many false beliefs and physical discords. Nervous prostration, the wearing of glasses, the tobacco habit in both its forms, a growth on the shoulder, and other minor conditions have slowly but surely succumbed to the light of Truth; and, best of all, a truer sense of love for God and my fellow man is being manifested.

Testimony of Healing
After twelve years of receiving many great blessings from...
August 10, 1918

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