For a number of years I earnestly prayed to know how...

For a number of years I earnestly prayed to know how to serve God, as the religion in which I had been educated to believe, proved futile in helping me to overcome temptation and discordant conditions. Christian Science came to me three years ago as if in answer to my prayer and has proved to be all I could hope for in every way; it has been my physician, my counselor, and my source of supply. Prior to taking up the study of Christian Science I suffered from chronic bowel disorder, hysterical nervousness, and physical weakness. My little daughter also had bowel trouble from her birth. We had a physician examine her when the condition had reached a critical stage and he said it would take some time to experiment, for they would have to find the proper food. I had met a Christian Science practitioner and she told me of some of the wonderful results Christian Science had wrought in others, so I asked my husband to allow her to treat the baby. The little one was in a very weak, feverish condition, and we did not think well of having the doctor experiment, so decided to dismiss him and try Christian Science. After the first treatment the fever left; and after the second, the child had the first normal movement of the bowels since birth. She was then eight months old. In a short time she was healthy and happy.

I then became so absorbed in searching for the truth that I did not think of my own physical condition until some time later, when I discovered that I was manifesting more strength and energy than I had ever known and that the bowel condition had been overcome. We have had many proofs of the healing efficacy of Christian Science since then. I am very grateful for what this demonstrable religion has done for my small family, and especially thankful to God for the spiritual regeneration which has taken place in my consciousness as my understanding of this wonderful truth has increased.—(Mrs.) Elizabeth Robinson, Chicago, Ill.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a child, a sister was healed by Christian Science...
August 10, 1918

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