"Feed my sheep"

The call comes to feed the hungry hearts with the vision of spiritual truth, with the bread of heaven, the reflection of divine Love; to transcend the narrow confines of human justice, and in noble imitation of the Father-Mother to let our light shine upon the just and the unjust. Spiritual understanding pierces the covering of secret evil. It shows the belief in matter to be baseless, and physical law to be subject to the law of God. The Word of God pursues evil under sea, both in the earth beneath and in the water under the earth. It flies into the air realm and directs the sentinels how to forestall the evil intent of the enemy, to frustrate the secret attack by taking from it its secrecy.

After his resurrection, after that memorable last joyous feast with his disciples, Jesus charged Peter with great impressiveness to feed his sheep. Three times he asked him, "Lovest thou me?" Love alone can provide a sufficient motive for the watching of the true shepherd and for the spiritual endurance with which to feed the sheep. Shepherds who rely upon dogma and doctrine or upon a mere sense of duty, who follow a ritualistic routine through fear or superstition, lose metaphysics and become wolves who instead of feeding the flocks feed upon them. Mrs. Eddy gave the following necessary rebuke: "Jesus taught and proved that what feeds a few feeds all. His life-work subordinated the material to the spiritual, and he left his legacy of truth to mankind" (Miscellany, p. 303). When Jesus fed the five thousand he fed the whole of human consciousness. To-day The Mother Church in feeding the five thousand of its seating capacity likewise feeds the world, though the world may know it not.

August 10, 1918

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