The Ever Present Healing Christ

It was Mrs. Eddy's deep conviction of the presence of the indwelling Christ, won through travail of sense, which led her to testify by her works that spiritual power, the only panacea for the sin and anguish of the world, is in exact proportion to daily submission to and acknowledgment of "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus," which rises above and overrule material sense. For it is true, as we come to know concurrently with our spiritual awakening, that the false human sense can never discern the Christ, the supreme manifestation of the divine allness. More and more does the appeal come to us to recognize always the incorporeal Truth if we would know our individual standing in the kingdom of heaven, and be reflections through whom Love may do its redemptive work in the hearts of humanity. This is the priceless asset which we have in Christian Science, to be used at this moment for the instantaneous and sure destruction of error.

The future has nothing for any one of us that the present does not contain. The expectation of mere future good is a species of will-o'-wisp that may beguile us into the drowsiness and inactivity of mortal sense, and leave us stranded at the door of the castle of indolence. Such a mental condition is, of course, the precursor of the belief that credits evil with the power to withhold the good of to-day But more than that, if not aroused in time some are so tossed to and fro between the sorrow of having missed the good in the past and the fear that they cannot attain what is promised in the days to come, that the victory, the peace, and the health of this moment are hidden. We may ask ourselves, in words familiar to all lovers of our Hymnal (p. 12), "Why search the future and the past?" We shall have conquered a great error when we are practically cognizant of the truth expressed in the line, "Beneath thy feet, Life's pearl is cast." Does not the pearl here mentioned typify the Christ-idea, whose coming to each one of us means the purification of thought, the cleansing of the mental home, and the substitution for all merely mortal and physical order of that harmony which follows conquest over the flesh.

"Already filled"
May 11, 1918

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