Extracts from Letters

"The members of the Christian Science Society of Geneva, Switzerland, assembled in their semiannual general meeting, wish to express their sincere thanks for the good which has been done in French Switzerland through the generous help of the War Relief fund. They especially wish to assure the donors that this aid has been most welcome and deeply appreciated in relieving sufferings which, without it, would in many cases have been unbearable. Several letters have been received by the Geneva committee, asking this committee to forward profound expressions of gratitude to every one who contributed toward this fund. The members of this society take this opportunity to express their thanks to the Board of Directors of The Mother Church for having organized this fund and for the constant thought they give to it."

"I am in receipt of the pamphlet 'Then the Full Grain in the Ear,' issued by the Publishing Society, and I can assure you I very much appreciate the sending of same. With the Monitors and Sentinels you send I am well occupied in my reading, which assists me in getting away from the depressing effects of the present day press, and helps in keeping up the spirits of my companions. The Monitor is the one and only newspaper based on Principle. Again thanks ..."

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