What a relief it is to turn from the conglomeration of beliefs, misnamed laws, to the unchanging laws of Spirit, which, like the great Lawgiver, are "the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." In the Army, living with boys who have no knowledge of Christian Science and hearing them speak so often about these so-called laws, how grateful are those who have to some extent been freed by Truth from the old superstition and ignorance of belief in matter and its suppositional laws, knowing that whatever does not partake of the nature of Love is not law, regardless of how long it has been honored with the name of law.

We expect a good Congress to make good laws, and since God is unchanging good, we should much more expect His laws to be good, and they are good. On page 183 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy says, "The supposed laws which result in weariness and disease are not His laws, for the legitimate and only possible action of Truth is the production of harmony." We often hear the expression, "You must not do this because"—and then follows the supposition of what is supposed to happen as the result of violating that particular so-called law, the punishment which this suppositional power is supposed to inflict on one who dares to defy its autocratic and tyrannical mandate. We hear many variations of each of these so-called material laws, and if one attempted to obey them, he would need to change constantly his views as to what it is necessary for him to do in order to have health. There is a story told of a medical convention where the health merits of bathing were being discussed. Some thought it better to take a bath once a week, some twice a week, and others that it was necessary to take one every day. All except one agreed on the health giving qualities of bathing; he said he did not consider it healthful at all. Nearly all who claim to be authorities on how to keep well disagree as to the merits of different foods. And all other health laws in the same category are subjects for disagreement between those who attempt to follow them, and are constantly being changed. What at one time was considered good treatment for disease is now considered injurious.

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October 19, 1918

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