The Right Standpoint

In the various questions which come up for consideration in one's experience, there are generally so many conditions and influences involved that it often seems difficult to reach a decision as to the proper relation of things and the right course to pursue. This sense of confusion and uncertainty arises from the fact that human affairs are usually considered from a personal standpoint, in which opinions and feelings play a very important part, whereas a right conclusion about anything can only be drawn from a scientific basis. Personal feelings or opinions, likes or dislikes, can have no place in forming a right decision; its correctness must be measured by its conformity to some known standard and rule. "Judge not according to the appearance," said Jesus, "but judge righteous judgment."

In working out a mathematical problem there may be times when the operation seems somewhat confusing and a successful issue is by no means apparent. One would not expect to accomplish much at such a time by merely consulting his feelings or opinion, or by trying to find the easiest way out. The only right thing to do is to examine the work already performed and see if it is correct, then see how the basic law of mathematics can be applied to the next step, and learn the rule by which to supply it; then by patient work the problem will be solved.

Deliverance from All Evil
October 19, 1918

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