Supply Spiritual

A Question which looms large in the world is, How will supply equal demand? The demand seems enormous and supply limited. The word demand is defined in Webster's dictionary as "manifested want; a call for a commodity." It is a call for or a want of something that we desire or need. We are taught that God created man in His image and likeness; hence, as God is Spirit, so man must be spiritual; as God is Mind, and Mind is expressed by ideas, man is an idea of Mind. All that is necessary to sustain the idea is in Mind, and Mind and idea are inseparable. In divine Mind there can be no consciousness of need or lack. An idea could not be perfect if it lacked anything.

God is infinite, therefore the only lawmaker; the law of supply is the law of God, and that law is always operative and is enforced by the power of divine intelligence. It can be instantly and continuously applied to every conceivable human need. When men are governed by Truth they cannot be limited in any capacity; but they need to realize how "day by day the manna fell," and to learn each day this lesson of perfect reliance on our heavenly Father for supply. The belief that supply is material shows a lack of spiritual understanding, the acquiring of which reveals supply as spiritual and adequate for all our needs.

Truth Telling Destroys Evil
October 5, 1918

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