Truth Telling Destroys Evil

When Christian Science uncovers evil it is not to fasten the evil upon the evildoer, but to separate him from it. when this end is accomplished, the method is proved right and the motive good. There are evils so subtly disguised and intrenched that nothing but a complete exposure before the full gaze of mankind can arouse a sleepy world from its slumber sufficiently to insure their correction. To forestall error and forewarn humanity of evil is a compassionate work. It is as if one saw his neighbor's house on fire, and gave the alarm that saved it. Worse things have happened to men than public exposure of the evils and weaknesses to which they have, sometimes ignorantly, sometimes knowingly, fallen victim.

The Christian Science Monitor and the other Christian Science periodicals are awake to the value of publicity as the means of correcting all kinds of sin, and they speak the truth clearly and fearlessly. No matter what the sin may be, whether it be intemperance, misappropriation of funds, incompetence, dishonesty or disloyalty in public office, or exploitation of business or religion for private ends, these periodicals hold strictly to the teachings of Scripture, and tell the truth plainly. In this respect they are like all great moral reformers whose work left the world better. They were not afraid of evil, and did not stop to speculate lest stirring it up might produce personal feeling and hard words. They knew the demands of right and also knew that their work would be protected. Blindness to evil is a sin, and the Christian Science periodicals do not congratulate themselves upon blindness to evil of any kind, try to hide it or cover it up, or make peace with it.

The Responsive Heart
October 5, 1918

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