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To-morrow will bring a new test of discipleship. The old method of judging a Christian man is passing. The old mold in which faith cast a man's soul has been broken. Another is replacing it. The old-time saint no longer appeals to us. Our fathers thought an eminently good man was one who withdrew from the world where men pass and repass, following the pursuits of life. ... Later they came to regard one who looked upon his body as evil and sought always to mortify its passions and appetites and spent much time in prayer and devotional exercises, until he became so spiritual that he made men think of prayer and Christ when he came into their presence; that man was regarded as a saint. Then later we began to think that a man was a Christian by judging what he refused to do. If a man refrained from doing certain things we concluded he was a Christian. ...

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October 5, 1918

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