This testimony is written in gratitude for the many...

This testimony is written in gratitude for the many blessings which have come to me through Christian Science, and with the hope that it may encourage some of the many earnest seekers for the truth. My good health for the past eleven years is due to the understanding of God gained through the daily study of the Bible and the Christian Science literature. Prior to the time, eighteen and a half years ago, when my parents started to study and apply Mrs. Eddy's teachings, I was continually ailing. Although my condition improved after that, I had to have treatment from a practitioner periodically for several years.

For perhaps six years I labored under the delusion that I could not grasp the method whereby the healing was accomplished, and yet, when placed in situations where I could not reach a practitioner, I found that I could prove the truth for myself. Though anxious to learn about the healing and to experience it, I did not fully realize the need of systematic study, and there were constantly recurring periods of several days when I would fail to read any of the literature. I thank God that this mesmeric belief has been broken. Now my uppermost desire is to devote my life to the study of Christian Science and to the practice of Christian healing as therein revealed.

January 19, 1918

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