A correspondent issues a challenge to debate the question...

Nebraska State Journal

A correspondent issues a challenge to debate the question as to the Biblical authority of the Christian Science religion. The invitation is courteously declined, and I am sure he will not take offense if we point out that this form of issuing a challenge is only a refinement of the old "wager of battle," in which the guilt or innocence of the accused was determined at the point of a lance or by the resisting power of a steel helmet. It is but a varied form of gladiatorial contest, in which even with the most good-natured opponents and reflecting audiences the spirit of rivalry is sure to spring up and judgments be formed in heat, when the subject is one which demands that it be weighed in the cloister of one's own spiritual consciousness, as far as possible from the turmoil of the public forum.

The Christian Science rests upon Biblical authority we sincerely believe, but Christian Scientists are engaged in no crusade to convince the world of that fact. They are sincerely desirous that the world shall know and participate in the blessing that has come to them through Christian Science, but whatever efforts they may make in this direction are inspired by gratitude, and gratitude cannot be a party to a controversy, nor can it engage in any proceeding that would even have a tendency to excite animosities. They believe that the spiritual healing of sickness and sin was taught by the precepts and example of Jesus, and thus believing they endeavor not only to obey his commands, but as well to find the Mind of the Christ.

Distribution of Literature
January 19, 1918

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