Giving Wisely

The true Christian Scientist, recognizing the unreality of evil and the actuality of good, feels an ever increasing sense of gratitude to our much loved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for the mental peace which he is experiencing to-day in spite of the turmoil of suppositions with which he is surrounded. It would seem that he need make but little change in his customary manner of living, while yet conforming to that new order of things which is expected from all who would be of use to their fellow men. Consistent obedience to "God's Requirement," as quoted from the Manual (Section 5 of Articel XXIV) by The Christian Science Board of Directors in their special article entitled "Food Conservation," in the Sentinel of October 20, has already brought about that simplicity in daily life which, while it brooks neither extravagance nor waste, at the same time loves to share with all mankind.

Since the dawn of the understanding of Jesus' words, "Freely ye have received, freely give," the Christian Scientist has practiced the fine art of giving wisely, until it has become second nature to desire to aid in any good work. The old habit of giving grudgingly or perfunctorily has disappeared, and deep down in his consciousness he knows, through demonstration, that it is far more blessed to give, in the spirit of brotherly love, than it is to receive. The time and thought spent in the study and practice of this truth has been a preparation for healing the sick and suffering; and could there be any better "first aid" than an instant application of the understanding of Life, Truth, and Love, with its ever operative and unsurpassed power to quiet fear, thus initiating that healing of both mind and body so essential to man's well-being, whether in his home or at the front? The constant postponement of the consummation of some cherished plan, that during the interim a brother may in some way be relieved, is a training toward that attitude of thought which is ever ready to take up the duty nearest at hand, or that one which seems at the moment of first importance.

Serving in Business
January 19, 1918

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