Heaven's Artillery

A very impressive event took place in our city recently when our field artillery passed through on their way to a training camp. About half an hour before the arrival of the trains all the church bells rang and all the whistles blew. I was at the station to meet my son, and five minutes before the first troop train arrived the school children had appeared marching. Five hundred American flags were waving and a thousand people were singing when the train pulled in. The windows were filled with smiling faces, appreciative of the demonstration.

Greetings were being exchanged on all sides, when down the platform appeared a tall, graceful elderly lady carrying a bundle of green and blue, her face radiant with smiles. At every window she passed, eager hands were extended to grasp some portion of this bundle. Nearer she came, and to our delight it was seen to be copies of The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel that she was distributing.

Obedience and Healing
January 19, 1918

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