The cautious manner in which our ministerial friend handled...

Evening Wisconsin

The cautious manner in which our ministerial friend handled the subject of mental healing before a meeting of the Methodist clergymen at the Y. M. C. A., fails to conceal the motive back of the remarks, which, it is plain, was to discredit the work that is being done by Christian Scientists. It is gratifying to recognize that he admits that functional diseases yield to metaphysical treatment. If a conscientious investigation were made, he would be convinced that organic diseases yield with equal readiness to metaphysical treatment, as is proven by thousands of authentic cases of healing recorded and accessible. This assertion can be verified by any person sufficiently interested to attend the Christian Science Wednesday evening meetings (held all over the world), where testimonies can be heard from the lips of those who have been lifted from bondage pronounced organic and incurable by creditable physicians.

The instances of healing by material applications, as reported in the Scriptures and referred to in this clergyman's remarks, are insignificant compared to the many cases which were healed without the use of material means, and do not in any manner disprove the efficiency of metaphysical treatment, as practiced by the master Christian, to heal diseases of all kinds. To-day the same works are being repeated by those having a demonstrable understanding of Christian Science, which is God's law made practical.

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