Principle the True Guide

An article which appeared in the Sentinel some time ago, on the overcoming of fear in operating an automobile, appealed especially to two students of Christian Science. It awakened them to a higher recognition of man's freedom and dominion in the truth, and when the time came for them to have a machine of their own they were able to take a couple of lessons in driving it and to start on a long trip homeward without any sense of fear. Desiring to be guided by Principle in this new experience, and realizing that in order to do so they must be steadfastly conscious that Mind, infinite intelligence, created man in His own image and likeness, and that man reflects and is directed by this one intelligence, they knew that their every thought must be one of good. It was seen that any discordant happening could only result from error of thought, from neglecting to watch that their thoughts should express the ever active intelligence of divine Principle, Love.

The one difficulty encountered on that trip, like each one experienced since then, in the thousands of miles covered in traveling through fifteen different states, was the result of following human will instead of divine Mind. Though almost nothing was known of mechanics, this first problem was solved when the sense of impatience accompanying it was replaced by a sudden realization of Love's tenderness, as, after the opening words of our Leader's hymn, "Shepherd, show me how to go," the words of the twenty-third psalm flashed into the thought of one of these students, and the intelligence required was immediately manifested through the right action of the other one.

God's Day
January 19, 1918

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