The sermon on the effect of the war on religion, as reported...

Cheltenham (England) Chronicle

The sermon on the effect of the war on religion, as reported in your paper, contains the following sentence: "Christian Science has provided nothing for the soldiers." Now it is scarcely charitable and more than a little unwise for any one, more particularly one holding the office of a clergyman, to make a public statement regarding a religious denomination which he is quite unable to substantiate. The statement having been made, however, and published, I trust you will allow me to show that Christian Science has provided far more for the soldiers and others affected by the war than the world at large has any conception of.

Our critic may be interested to learn that Christian Scientists in America have already subscribed something like fifty thousand pounds for the relief of those in distress owing to the war in the countries affected, irrespective of creed. Of this amount fifteen thousand pounds has already been distributed throughout the British Isles, and many cases in this country, including the neighborhood of Cheltenham and Bristol, have been helped. Also Christian Scientists, individually and collectively, have subscribed to the Red Cross fund, and many of them have turned their private houses into convalescent homes. Sailors and solidiers at home, training or on active service, and the wounded in the hospitals, have had hundreds of thousands of periodicals and newspapers sent to them free, and greatful letters of appreciation have been received by those entrusted with this work. The uplifting influence of Christian Science, the sense of protection in the midst of danger, and of that "peace of God, which passeth all understanding," manifested by those who follow its teaching, has helped to cheer and encourage many of their comrades and made them desire to know more of this practical religion. This, though mentioned last, is not least in the good that Christian Science is doing for our soldiers and sailors.

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