I am sincerely grateful for Christian Science

I am sincerely grateful for Christian Science. For years it has been my only help in bringing up a family, and during that time it has overcome many inharmonious conditions. I am especially grateful for the complete and perfect healing of a broken bone. One morning while sitting at a desk in an office where I expected to remain until noon, I had occasion to rise quickly to walk across the room, and in doing so one foot caught in the cord of the telephone, the other doubling under me. I was thrown violently to the floor, and the pain was terrible, though I declared the truth instantly. Fortunately I was alone at the time, and in a few minutes I could draw myself to my knees by the desk, still declaring aloud that in Truth there are no accidents, nor is there any pain. Soon I raised myself to the chair and attempted to stand, but I discovered that there was some trouble just above the ankle. I telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner, who said she was about to take a car, but would call me from her office in half an hour to find out what was needed.

Immediately I began to work for myself in earnest, to realize the truth, and before the practitioner called the fear and trembling ceased. When I told her the conditions, she asked if I wished to have a surgeon set the bone; but it did not seem to me necessary, so none was called. She gave me a treatment, and soon all pain stopped and I was able to finish my work and stay quietly at my desk till noon. When my husband came in and I told him what had happened he could hardly believe me, as he had not perceived that anything unusual had occurred.

Testimony of Healing
I first turned to Christian Science to find relief from...
June 17, 1916

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