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[Rev. H. T. Knight in The Church Family Newspaper]

Has the church got a message for the world? Has she a message from God at all? Is it true that God has spoken to humanity? On what evidence does the church base so tremendous an assertion? What is the authority to which she appeals? And is it of a kind that is able to withstand the solvent of modern investigation? Again, what is the gospel that the church is preaching? Is it the gospel that Christ preached, the glad tidings of the kingdom of God, the good news of the advent here upon earth of a spiritual organism through which the moral order of the world is being restored? Can the church's gospel be described as the gospel of the redemption of the world from evil, or only of the redemption of individuals from the evil that is in the world? Is the church simply intended to be a haven of refuge for little groups of faithful souls, or has she in the mind of Christ a duty to discharge toward the social order and the moral progress of humanity? What is the nature of her function as the prophetic organ of God's kingdom? Has she a vision of the divine ideal of society? Does she know herself to be indeed the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God, established by Christ's death and resurrection and endowed with his living spirit, in order that she may guide human civilization onward to its destined goal?

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June 17, 1916

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