A clergyman preaching in the St. Austell Parish Church...

Cornish Guardian and County Chronicle

A clergyman preaching in the St. Austell Parish Church is reported to have said, "The so-called Christian Science of today could never have come into existence at all if the members of Christ's church had had the faith in his power to heal that they should have had." Rather should he have said, "If the early Christians and those who followed them had unswervingly held to the teaching of Jesus, 'confirming the word with signs following,' there would not have arisen the necessity for the discovery of Christian Science by Mrs. Eddy in the nineteeth century."

The clergyman further states that "Christian Scientists make use of prayer and faith, but make the great mistake of denying all medical and surgical skill, though that skill could only come from Christ the healer." Does he really imagine for a moment that medical and surgical skill comes from Jesus Christ? Then why did our Master not use drugs or perform operations? He healed all manner of disease, organic and functional, and raised the dead, but without material means. His method is the correct one. Has our critic forgotten the case of the woman who had spent all her living on physicians and was no better but rather worse, but who was healed merely by touching the garment of Jesus? He also forgets that an impure infidel may be a skilful doctor or surgeon, but one has to have the Mind of Christ to heal through Christian Science. Jesus described his method as follows: "If I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you." Christian Science is proving to the world that the Christ, Truth, can heal today without any so-called material aids whatever.

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