"To thought only"

Interesting instances are related of the seemingly accidental discovery of gold or other valuable minerals in ground over which the feet of men, even those of searchers for such deposits, had often passed unheeding. Always present and always available, the scarcely concealed treasure only waited for the seeing eye; and at last some trivial happening, the casual displacement of a pebble or a clod, revealed to the delighted vision a new source of as yet unmeasured riches.

The writer was reminded of such an occurrence by an experience of his own. He had read page 182 of Science and Health often enough to warrant the feeling that at least it could hold no surprises for him. One day, however, on opening the book at that place, his eye fell upon a sentence which he could hardly believe had been there before and which now stood out as though it were alone upon the page. Because God is infinite, it follows that His children do not necessarily have identical experiences. Perhaps no one else ever received a similar impression from this sentence; but when it now for the first time reached the consciousness of the writer it was as though the apocalyptic trumpet proclaimed, "The demands of God appeal to thought only."

Unerring Guidance
April 29, 1916

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