Many of your readers have been listening to the futile...

The Winlock (Wash.) News

Many of your readers have been listening to the futile efforts of an evangelist, who attempted to persuade people to accept Christianity by convincing them that Christian Science, in which the world experiences again the redemptive work of the Christianity of the early centuries, is a work of the devil. In justice to the Christian Scientists of your community and in order that your readers may have definite information about Christian Science, I would like to have space for a few statements of fact about it.

First, Christian Science distinguishes between the real man, described in the first chapter of Genesis as created in God's image and likeness, and the earthy man, whose construction by the Lord God is described in the allegory which begins with the fourth verse of the second chapter. It points out that the latter is unreal, the counterfeit and opposite of the former; that humanity has quite generally believed itself to be of the nature of the earthy man, and accordingly has sought health and happiness in matter, where it does not reside.

December 23, 1916

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