It has been nearly seven years since I began the study of...

It has been nearly seven years since I began the study of Science and Health in connection with the Bible, and I am thankful to God for the benefits which I have derived thereby; both spiritually and physically they have indeed been wonderful. During many years previous to the time that Christian Science was presented to me, I had been in poor health almost constantly, although able to keep upon my feet. About two years before coming into Science a great sorrow came suddenly into my life, seemingly without a moment's warning, and the shock was so great that I was eventually overwhelmed with a complication of diseases from which my physician and relatives had little hope of seeing me recover. As I grew better my thoughts were awakened and I began to read the Bible and ponder its meaning. Although I had been brought up religiously and had read the Bible faithfully, I could not unravel the meaning of the greater part of it.

About six or seven months later I was again taken suddenly ill and was treated by four different doctors, two of these being considered especially fine. Three of the doctors who examined me pronounced my trouble an abnormal growth. I underwent several different kinds of treatment, but was finally told I must submit to an operation or I would never be well. I had made all arrangements for the operation, but just a few days before the date set for it a friend spoke to me of Christian Science. I knew nothing whatever of this teaching, but she told me of the healing of her sister's child, and she herself reflected such a sunshiny life that I decided at once to have treatment, being as much in need of something to brighten my life as I was of physical healing.

Testimony of Healing
It affords me great joy to tell of the healing which I have ...
December 23, 1916

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