It is about eleven years since I began to study the Christian Science...

It is about eleven years since I began to study the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, which was brought into our home by a relative who came from America at a time when all was darkness, and sorrow, sickness, and sin seemed to surround us. For many years I had prayed to God, but without result, and my faith in the orthodox teaching began to wane. I felt that a God who could punish me for doing what He made me capable of doing was not worth praying to, and so finally came to the conclusion that there was no God.

Science and Health was in our home at this time, and I felt an overwhelming desire to read it,—indeed, my curiosity could not be checked, although I had several times ridiculed Christian Science. There was a rash on my hands, but as it was said to be incurable I did not seek the physical healing; I wanted to know if there was a God, and what and where He was. The chapter on Prayer was a revelation to me, and my concept of God was entirely changed. Then one morning I became conscious that the eruption could scarcely be seen, and in a few weeks it was entirely gone. I continued to read the book and seemed to forget my ailments, one of which was severe pain in the ears, attacks of which had caused me much suffering since childhood. I did not have a single attack after taking up the study of Christian Science.

I continued my journey from sense to Soul, sometimes with bitter experiences to face, for almost every phase of error came up to baffle and to test me. A great sorrow came into my life, and my mental condition was so disturbed that it manifested itself as an internal displacement. Christian Science treatment was sought and help was received; but not until I analyzed every thought and strove hard to overcome all error in myself did the permanent healing come. This seems to have been the greatest battle in Science that I have been called upon to fight, for I now realize greater peace and harmony than ever before.

Testimony of Healing
My thankfulness goes out to God, the giver of all good....
December 23, 1916

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