Eleven years ago I was a physical wreck

Eleven years ago I was a physical wreck. I was sent to the Southwest, a victim of Bright's disease with no hope of recovery. A heavy bandage was worn around my waist all the time, and I never ventured outdoors in rainy, cold, or even chilly weather. Six months after arriving in the Southwest I had twenty-four chills inside of thirty days, and the last of these I thought would be my last, and it was; but in a far different way than I supposed, for Christian Science was brought to my notice by my landlady, who said that if it did not do me any good, it could do me no harm. A practitioner was called and with one treatment I was healed. That was over eleven years ago, and no symptom of the disease has appeared since. For one so young I had acquired an unusual taste for liquor and tobacco, which seemed to annul the pain. Nearly two months after the above healing, while diligently studying the Bible together with "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, the tobacco habit left me completely overnight, and in nine days the liquor habit followed the same course.

Two months later, while I was working one night in a railroad yard, one of my fingers was caught in a train of gears operated by a one horse power motor and smashed up to the second joint. The injury was so serious that my assistants suggested amputation, but my faith in the power of Truth held me steadfast, and in ten days, through reading and knowing the truth, the finger was completely restored. Only the slightest scar remains. Thus in less than six months I had had the proof of the healing of so-called incurable disease and supposedly incurable habits, also of mental surgery. Could one ask for more?

Testimony of Healing
For over nine years Christian Science has been my only...
December 23, 1916

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