Who Am I?

The queries, Who am I? What my nature? Whence? Where to? assault every human intelligence, and the consequent mental wonderment and turmoil puts a man in a class by himself. He is the only creature who is troubled about the things he does not yet know. Here he has no kin; he is quite unique and peculiar.

The attempted answers which men have given to these questions constitute the supreme contradiction of religious literature, and yet the statement that man is a contradiction by nature is an offense to one's highest intuition. However many make the colossal mistake of identifying selfhood with mortal consciousness, and however familiar we all may be with the rule of ignoble impulse, nevertheless the "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" concept of man's make-up is instinctively objected to by all nobility within. The sense of individuality and of indivisibility clasp hands in right consciousness, and the aversion to being broken up into unlike and opposing parts is both assertive and universal.

Humility versus Pride
July 17, 1915

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