A very beautiful monument is erecting in Mount Auburn,...

The Evening Mail

A very beautiful monument is erecting in Mount Auburn, the famous cemetery at Cambridge, Mass., where Longfellow, Lowell, Sumner, Phillips Brooks, and other great men are buried. When completed, the splendor and classic emphasis of this new monument may make the memorials of the famous men we have just named look like village gravestones in comparison. It is a lofty open colonnade eighteen feet in diameter, occupying an elevated position surrounding a beautiful little garden, and flanked by a white granite stylobate fifty feet broad. By its grace and distinction this memorial, which has been raised by a national subscription, will rank among the greatest of American mortuary monuments.

To whom is this monument reared? Not to a man who raised a sword in his country's defense or who shaped the policies of a nation, but to a woman, and to one whose message to the world was wholly spiritual. It is raised to the memory of Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science.

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