I became interested in Christian Science in the year 1905

I became interested in Christian Science in the year 1905. The first time I attended a Christian Science church was one Sunday morning, and I was very much impressed. For several years I had felt quite antagonistic toward this teaching, but after attending that service, which I thought very beautiful, Christian Science seemed a wonderful religion. Science literature had been lying around my home for a number of years before this, but I would not read it. I was then troubled with catarrh, having suffered from this ailment for a long period of time. I had tried many remedies, but without benefit. I had also suffered from very weak eyes since childhood,—to such an extent, in fact, that I was often unable to keep my eyes open in a bright light, and even under ordinary conditions the eyelids were perpetually blinking. Then too I had headaches and a number of other ills, including stomach disorder, besides a bad temper.

In April, 1906, I determined to go to a Christian Science practitioner for treatment for the catarrh, which was very annoying to me. I took treatment for three weeks and was not entirely healed, but my condition was so much improved that I saw the great good Christian Science could do and was determined to study it thoroughly. I therefore purchased a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and could not spend enough time in its study. I found it, indeed, a wonderful book. Soon after this, a lady with whom I was at that time unacquainted, came to me after church service and called attention to my eyes, which were well and strong, for she had noticed that when I first attended the church they seemed very weak; and I then discovered that this difficulty, from which I had suffered since childhood, had vanished. Through this study the catarrh also vanished, as well as the other discordant conditions already mentioned, and the bad temper. Moreover, there have been many other cases of healing in the years since then, proving the wonders that Truth can do.

Testimony of Healing
I am indeed grateful for all that Christian Science has...
July 17, 1915

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