A late issue of your paper reports that Doctor — has...

The Herald

A late issue of your paper reports that Doctor—has assailed Christian Science. A perusal of the article published shows, however, that he was not really attacking Christian Science, but only belaboring his own ludicrous concepts of the subject. This will readily indicate why the Christian Scientists who were present "seemed to enjoy the lecture immensely," as reported. Christian Scientists occasionally show a predilection for the amusing.

Knowing the progress that Christian Science has made in the face of every possible adverse criticism launched against it from the pulpit in the past, and the profound respect in which it is now held by the most intelligent in the land, Christian Scientists certainly could not have feared the effects of remarks so evidently misrepresenting their religion. Perhaps they even felt grateful for the interest such remarks would create, and so lead to an unbiased investigation of a religion which "destroys" nothing good, but proves "every fundamental doctrine of Christianity," and thus honors the Christ by its works. The writer was happily brought to Christian Science, and consequently enjoys its saving influence, through literature denouncing it, which created in him a desire to know the truth about it. No resentment, therefore, is felt toward the unintentional instrument that led to such results; but Christian Scientists should be, and usually are, accorded the privilege of correcting erroneous presentations of their faith to the public, and should also be "ready always to give an answer to every man" and "a reason of the hope" that is in them. They have no desire to attack any man or his religion, and certainly do not consider physicians and surgeons as enemies of the race, as alleged.

War Relief Fund
July 17, 1915

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